Research Partnerships

OAR is frequently approached by students and researchers who wish to create a partnership for study purposes.

OAR is eager to participate in research based relationships but must consider many factors such as the:

  • Investment of time and resources required
  • Impact on the population we serve
  • Research goals and the potential value of the outcomes


We are unable to accommodate all requests for research partnerships. We will review all proposals and participate with those that best align with our mission, strategic priorities, and research interests.
We are most interested in research partnerships that:
  •  Provide recidivism data
  •  Evaluate the impact of existing OAR programs
  • Obtain feedback from OAR clients
  • Measure changes in attitudes and criminogenic beliefs
  •  Measure community attitudes, impressions, and knowledge of the OAR mission
If you are interested in partnering with OAR on a research project please provide the following:
  • A brief synopsis of your research proposal
  • A description of the target population
  • The proposed process for contacting/interacting with the target population
  • The expected length of the project including a tentative start and end date
  • A description of the resources available/needed for the project
  • The research goals/projected outcomes
  • How and when the outcomes will be shared with OAR

You may submit the above information by email to Erica Gaffney, Director of Development

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