OAR Client Success Stories

Our new client, "Matt," came to the Work Empowerment Program (WEP) orientation workshop in January. He told us he felt inspired after leaving the workshop. While still wearing the dress shirt and tie that he had worn to orientation earlier that day, Matt approached the manager of a restaurant where he had stopped for lunch. Matt explained that he used some of the techniques outlined in the WEP orientation and convinced the manager to hire him on the spot.
The manager of a pizza chain shop called to tell us he was extremely pleased to report that both "Kevin" and "Jerry" are excellent employees and great men. He expects each of them to continue with the chain long term.
Kevin and Jerry
"Steve," a client that OAR has been actively working with since last summer, secured a position at a commercial cleaning company in the area. Though Steve said he continues to look for a permanent home and a car, he feels blessed to have a job and thanks OAR staff for helping him.
"Randy" stopped by the OAR office this month and told staff he had landed a position with a telecommunications contractor. He had become a new sales associate and was going through a paid training program. During his visit, he shared that he learned a lot from the two Work Empowerment Program workshops and had applied OAR’s interviewing tips. He also commented that the resume he developed with his case manager's help was what got him in the door for the interview.
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