Making a Referral to OAR

To make a referral or to learn more about OAR programs and services you may contact OAR at


OAR accepts client referrals from community based organizations, faith groups, criminal justice professionals, attorneys, and medical providers. Individuals in need of assistance may also make a self-referral by simply contacting the OAR office and expressing a need for assistance.


If you are interested in the OAR Community Service Program, The Shoplifting Prevention Program, the Violence Intervention Program, Anger Management, or Reentry and Family Services, please use the specific referrals for those programs by clicking the appropriate link.

Thank you for your interest in OAR programs.

OAR Consent Form

A consent form is necessary in order for OAR staff to communicate with the referral source about any client related activity. If you are with your client at the time of the referral it may be helpful to have them complete the OAR Consent Form. If the client has questions about the consent form they may wait to complete the form until their intake at OAR when they will have the opportunity to review the form with an OAR Case Manager. If the client is prepared to sign the consent form please included the completed form with the referral.

OAR Registration Form

OAR clients are also required to complete an OAR Registration Form. A link to the registration form has been included as a convenience if the client would like to complete the form prior to arriving at OAR.

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