In-Kind Support for OAR Clients

Support OAR clients

OAR appreciates your help providing post-release support to OAR clients trying to rebuild their lives. Please contact OAR at (703) 246-3033 or e-mail info@oarnova.org before making an in-kind donation or if you have questions.

Thank you again for supporting the OAR mission!

Ways to offer support to OAR clients in need

There are several easy and inexpensive ways to offer support to OAR clients in need:

1) Send us items from the OAR Amazon Wish List here for current needs

2) Click to create emergency snack kits or hygiene kits

3) Donate used clothing according to the guidelines below.
Clothing Donation Guidelines -We are currently on accepting men’s casual pants, men’s casual shoes, and men’s belts. Thank you!


  • Call (703) 246-3033 before making a donation to check current needs and to make a donation drop-off appointment
  • Donate adult clothing that has been drycleaned or freshly laundered
  • Print and fill out a donation form here and bring the completed form with you for an OAR staff member to sign.


  • Leave items unattended outside of the building or in the hall
  • Donate broken or soiled items
  • Donate children’s clothing
  • Donate items that have been recalled, banned, or otherwise do not meet safety standards
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