Fairfax County

In Fairfax, OAR provides diversion programs, services for the incarcerated, post-release services, and family services.

The OAR diversion programs in Fairfax consist of two programs:

  • The first is the OAR Alternative Sentencing Program that allows first-time misdemeanor offenders to perform community service and participate in educational classes in lieu of a conviction and/or incarceration. 

Post-release Services:

Post-release services are available to address emergency and transitional needs at the time of an individual’s release.  Learn more about emergency needs.  When an individual has greater needs, intensive services are available that can last for up to 12 months post-release.  Employment assistance is an important part of the services offered after someone is released from incarceration.  OAR Case Managers will work with individuals after release to ensure they are employment ready and will provide job leads to local businesses willing to consider hiring an ex-offender.

Family Services:

At any time during an individual’s involvement with the criminal justice system, OAR offers services to the loved-ones left behind. 

Family services can include a Family Support Group, financial support, and children’s programs.  Learn more about OAR Reentry and Family Services.

To learn more about available services or to sign up for the Family Support Group, please email: development@oarnova.org. 

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