Prince William County

In Prince William, OAR provides post-release services and family services. 

Post-release Services:

Post-release services are available to address emergency and transitional needs at the time of an individual’s release. When an individual has greater needs, intensive services are available that can last up to 12 months post-release.  Employment assistance is an important part of the services offered after someone is released from incarceration.  An OAR Case Manager will work with individuals after release to ensure they are employment ready and will provide job leads to local businesses willing to consider hiring a formerly incarcerated community member.   

Family Services:

At any time during an individual’s involvement with the criminal justice system, OAR offers services to the loved-ones left behind. 

Family services can include a  Family Support Group, financial support, and children’s programs.  Learn more about OAR Reentry and Family Services.

Prince William County residents are also eligible to participate in OAR’s Violence Intervention Program (VIP).  VIP is designed for individuals who have been charged with domestic assault or those who simply recognize domestic violence as a problem in their personal relationships.  Learn more about the OAR Violence Intervention Program

If you have additional questions about the services available in Prince William County please contact the OAR Director of Programs

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