Washington Nationals Tickets!

Washington Nationals Tickets!

The Washington Nationals awarded 15 game tickets to OAR through their community tickets grant program.

15 Tickets were donated for the Nationals game on
Wednesday, September 28 at 7:05 p.m. vs. the Diamondbacks

OAR had a limited number of tickets.  Tickets were distributed to active OAR clients and their families who were interested in attending and were available on Wednesday, September 28th. 

Are you an OAR supporter?  Are you excited that OAR can provide opportunities for clients to participate in positive social experiences?

If so, you can help!  

$18.00 can provide transportation and a Nats Dog Value Pack (hotdog, chips, and soda) to an OAR client attending the game.  $270 will provide all attending OAR clients and family members with transporation and food at the game.  We would really appreciate your help!

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