Charity Bike Program

Charity Bike Program

OAR has partnered with Fairfax County and now participates in the Police Department’s Charity Bike Program. The Police Department’s property and evidence section stores confiscated and seized bicycles.  Ideally these bicycles can be returned to the proper owners. Sometimes this is not possible or appropriate and the Police Department is left with numerous bicycles in their possession. 

OAR’s partnership with the Police Department allows bicycles that might otherwise be destroyed to be provided to OAR and distributed to clients in need. OAR was just selected as a recipient for this program and we received 33 bikes!  It was difficult for us to store and distribute 33 bikes all at one time.  Therefore, we kept some of the bikes for our clients and provided some of the bikes to other charities like Friends of Guest House.

We are pleased to partner with the Police Department for this program. Many OAR clients have had their driving privilege suspended and a bicycle can be a great alternative form of transportation. 


We believe the safety of our clients is important. The bicycles were donated without bicycle helmets and many of our clients don’t have the resources to purchase a helmet for themselves.

Can you help provide bicycle helmets to OAR clients? A new helmet can be purchased for $15.00. 


A donation of $45.00 will allow OAR to purchase and have 3 helmets ready to provide to clients as they receive the bikes.

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