“We are Stronger Together” a message from the OAR Board Chair and Executive Director

"We are Stronger Together"

a message from the OAR Board Chair and Executive Director

As millions of people across the country take to the streets and raise their voices in response to the killing of George Floyd and the ongoing problem of unequal justice and systemic racism, many people are asking: 
What can I do to bring about real change?
OAR is an organization committed to changing one of the most racially unequal parts of our society: the justice system. We have been working in your local community with individuals and families involved with the criminal justice system for nearly 50 years, providing support for people inside jails and after their release with classes, job training, and more. We also have an active Legislative Advocacy team. And we believe we have contributed in part to the civil response in the areas we serve. 
What else can you do to bring about real change?
  1. Register to Vote
  2. Restore your Voting Rights
  3. Join our Legislative Advocacy Team
  4. Contact your Legislative Representatives in Virginia and ask, “What legislation they are introducing/supporting around Criminal Justice Reform in Virginia”
  5. Support OAR
It is critical for all of us, in every single community and neighborhood to take constructive action. OAR is committed to taking such action and playing our part as a voice for people involved in and unequally impacted by the justice system. We look forward to working with all of you—our supporters—in demanding sustained systems change and breaking both the cycle of crime and the cycle of racism in our community and in our country.
Evan Vahouny
OAR Board Chair
Derwin Overton
OAR Executive Director

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